What's in a name??

The bard once said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." But the sycophants of the Nehru-Gandhi family are evidently not familiar with the bard's works (assuming they are literate). According to the congress bard(or baadu) "That which we call a rose, if called Nehru ji/Indira ji/Sonja ji/rahul baba would definitely smell sweeter".

You should try the Nehru Gandhi tour of India. Arrive at the Indira Gandhi Intl airport, perhaps watch a lousy football match at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium(the delhi one, not to be confused with ones at kochi,chennai,pune,goa,indore and guwahati) then proceed west to catch a glimpse of the Rajiv Gandhi sea link and perhaps spend some time at the Nehru planetarium or else proceed east toward the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Insti of Management(or maybe visit one of the 50 odd instis names after him). A trip north to Mount rajiv is definitely recommended.If you want to proceed south try watching the Nehru trophy boat race in kerala during august-september. If you miss that you can always watch the Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi boat race, which are held later in the year. Also visit the Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuaries(not to be confused with congress district headquarters).And you can leave the country via the Rajiv Gandhi Intl airport. I know I've missed out on a few hundred Nehru Gandhi places but you get the picture right?

These blithering idiots have named just about everything after some prominent member of the Nehru Gandhi family.I realize that Nehru, Indira and Rajiv were all great leaders(at least by Indian political standards), but one must draw a line somewhere. Lack of creativity coupled with a single digit IQ isn't really an excuse for such a system of nomenclature, although it may be quite close to the truth.But I guess we should just look at the bright side. At least they have limited their system of nomenclature to buildings/stadiums/roads/educational instis/awards/schemes/blah etc. If only these crazy chaps were given the task of alpha taxonomy. They would probably have ended up categorising our species as the Gandhius sapiens(who evolved from the Gandhius erectus(no pun intended)) or something!Sigh! Perhaps I should rename my blog as the "Gandhi Lampoon"?

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  1. Anonymous #

    Or perhaps create another blaag with the url . lol.

    Loved the post Govind, it was simply hillarious. Esp where you talk of a lack of creativity and a single digit excuse. he he he.

    The infatutation of this country's politicians with themselves is seriously a funny affair - and as you say that is prolly the only way to stomach the ridiculous goings-on.

    Worth a month's wait for such a post. :P. I have a cricker (feature-kind write-up. Will be mighty pleased if you can check in! :)

  2. Anonymous #

    And how can I forget? The Shakespearean rendition of the Gandhis? Or the Gandhian rendition of Shakespeare? (Or the Govindian rendition of the Gandhian rendition of Shakespeare? rotfl)!

    And o' course the Bard-baadu equivalence: ada Kadavule!!! LOL.

  3. Anonymous #

    enakku enna solradhunu terila. I ve taken a break from things and that means writing long comments to. See, i ve saved you:D

    Shocked at the deccan herald list.There will perhaps be a 'Paliath' listing in the alpha taxonomy, hundred yrs on")
    P.S: Cheque is okay for me. -Arcy

  4. OMG rofl what are other things to give excitement and fun, you have pulled it off big time man, u rock. Cracker jacker of a post.

    there are also streets named after them. hehehehe

  5. Lol! This is awesome! Couldn't have been better! Very well written!

  6. @(Dr)Srini:Thanks :). Praise showerin as usual eh?:P
    Ans a lil bit of madras bhashai can't do no harm, wat say?:D
    Orey the busy you must be,now that you have got international recognition :D
    Cheque will be handed over the day you treat :)

  7. @Venky:Thanks dude!Yeah just about everything is named after them,unfortunately!It's both funny and shameful, in a weird sort of way :)
    @Rakesh:Thanks fellow nattu karan!:)

  8. HEy great observation there man its the same with Gandhi and the Sardar in Gujart

  9. BTW. Pl change the colour or theme of your blog. If you have a light background and black text it will be easy for reading....

  10. @gerimox
    loved the post.. Why target the Gandhi's alone?
    What happened to Anna Salai, Anna Flyover, Anna University, AI Anna DMK,Anna Arivalayam, Anna Square, Anna circle, Anna Rhombus and all the blah blah blah..

  11. Anna is thalaivar. Least as long as I'm staying in chennai :P

  12. Screw Nehru and Gandhi. Call your blog the Quick Gun Murugan Lampoon.