Mayawati's tryst with Keynesian economics

In Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India, one lady is engaged in the remarkable task of applying Keynesian economics to revive her state's economy. That is none other than Mayawati, the most charismatic person in India after sam anderson!

According to John Maynard Keynes, during a recession the government has to stimulate demand by enacting public spending projects that would increase employment and also reduce taxation to encourage people to spend more.

That's where Mayawati comes in. She has embarked on one of UP's largest public spending exercises in recent times: erecting about 40 statues, including 6 of herself(not to be confused with the statues of the party symbol;the elephant). She believes investing about 10000 crores in such projects(including parks and memorials) will help the economy grow by providing employment to thousands of people. Also by merely looking at these statues, the dalits will become inspired and empowered and educate themselves and come out of poverty.

She is believed to have got this radical idea from none other than renowned economist and visionary Arindham Chaudhary.In fact rumor has it that most of the IIPM students who are not placed are working on her statues!

However it seems one just can't please everybody. According to the opposition, erecting statues of oneself is a foolish thing to do since according to Indian tradition, statues are erected only in honour of the dead. Then again one can't really blame her. She is forced to erect statues of herself since no one else will do any such thing after her time!

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  1. i do believe that only spending can take us out of this recessions, who is gonna start is the big question. Banks are scared of lending money, but if they have to be even more scared as it might just get worse.

    as far statues are concerned they can go with some infrastructure planning only this is gonna help.

  2. Anonymous #


    One of the IIPM students erecting Mayawati's statues??? LOL.

    Surely you are a man for Indian polity, and the dush of sublime humour will probably come in handy too :) :)

    Keynesian Economics - rings a bell but just rings it :(

  3. Anonymous #

    And thats why you are so despo to join IIPM? I am sure Arindham is your mentor :)

    Ah, Mayawati. Whatae noble woman. Hail her politics. Let India flourish.This is a golden age.

  4. @Venky:Ur right,but I was just being sarcastic bout the statues!:)

    @Srini:Thanks :). Humor definitely comes in handy!Lol . . .you can do a Phd in econ as well!(double Phd :P)

    @Arcy:Yeah.I dared to think beyond the IIM's!Arindham is more than a mentor. He is a living legend!:P
    And yes it is a golden age wonly :)

  5. Perhaps she should entomb herself into one of those statues and have it cast away into some deep abyss so as to save India from such a shame!

  6. Anonymous #

    Neenga vera Govind. Onne mudippomaa, mudichaa epdi mudippom, yeppa mudippom-nu irukku. lol

  7. Anonymous #

    LOL... That was too too too good :)

    Hail Mayawati-ji!!! I wish she'd become our PM!!! :D

    Better luck next time Maya-Madam :D


    Keep blogging!!! :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  8. LOL @ Keynesian economics! Wonder what the man would say if he realizes that you've chosen to pick this lously... I mean lovely... lovely lady as an example of his theory that he must have crafted after years of assiduous efforts :P Nice new blog :)

  9. Really an awesome post. I terribly laughed after reading each sentence. Especially after that sentence about Arindam chaudry

  10. @Bloggermouth:Thankings :)
    I believe he might be proud of the lady's achievements!
    @Vignesh:Thanks macha. Yeah arindham is my role model!

  11. Arindham is ur role model? i should ve guessed that earlier. Had an odd feeling that ur toothy smile reminded me of someone.. someone famous.. now i get it.. another hilarious one da.. this blog is better than ur old one.. wish i could write like you..
    So, when are you gonna announce to ur blogger fans about ur new gf eh? pls do write a funny post abt that too

  12. @hantan:Thanks!And yeah I try to emulate my guru.Pretty soon il even have a ponytail!:P
    And my new gf?! You seem to forget I'm in SSN!:D