I used to think becoming a famous and successful writer was a formidable challenge. Reading the works of literary giants does that to you. I was awed by Dickens' mastery of prose, Hemingway's simplistic elegance, Twain's humor and wit and Hesse's depth of thought. Not to forget Tolkien's creative genius and Conan Doyle's rich imagination. Closer to home, even Narayan's deceptively simple yet charming portrayal of life in small town India seemed so difficult to emulate. I had none of the afore mentioned traits, nor was I anywhere near the same league as these greats. I could, at best, string together some coherent phrases free of grammatical errors, bound  loosely by the pretext of a story. And perhaps add some story elements that would cater to the lowest common denominator( read 'gujaals') and ensure the "masses" could relate to the book by exploring contemporary youth issues, in a crass and dumbed down manner, based on personal experience and hearsay. But junk like this couldn't possibly make one a famous and successful writer, right? Or so I thought.Until I chanced upon the works of a certain Chetan Bhagat.

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  1. ROFL :P I know exactly what you mean..tired writing the review and well it didn't read good, so just chucked it :P

  2. Anonymous #

    Govind Paliath. For ONCE, Just once mind you-I second you.

  3. He he... as soon as i started reading i knew it was going to be abt bhagat.
    arrey they are nice time pass books. you're not lookin to learn anything from him. and many ppl have got in to reading b'coz of the guy. that's no small feat is it? and to top it all.. the man is making a lot of moolah. maybe we should all start writing like that.

  4. Anonymous #

    Even before the scholarly spiel I realised you were getting at Bhagat. And I so religiously despise him. Coming from someone who does not dislike that many things, that IS saying something. :P

    And Dr. Lampoon that is a list of fine authors you have catalogued here indeed. :D

  5. @Vishesh:Haha.I gather you thoroughly enjoyed reading his masterpiece :)
    @Arc:Ah! I'm honored :P

  6. @Ajai:Bhagat fan eh? But I agree that we should start writing like him. In fact by incorporating a number in the title, I have already begun emulating him!

  7. @Srini:Bhagat's that bad eh?:P
    And yes, very fine authors indeed. But so many more to read, so little time. Sigh.

  8. Anonymous #

    @GP What do you expect me to say about a man who thanks Gates for MsWd in Five Point Someone? (He should have named in Five Point No one Or Nothing:P)

  9. Lol! CB is someone I religiously avoid! ;)

  10. lol... Only 5 Point Someone was bearable.
    Tried to read one night at the call centre.. left it half way through.
    Didnt bother with the rest...

  11. Haha. I had no idea there were so many people who dislike CB!:D
    @Srini:Five point no one sounds apt :P
    @Sonia:Welcome to my blawg! And yeah, welcome to the CB 'appreciation' society :D

  12. Leave 5PS out of the list.. rest are just gujaals (One night at the call center sucked badly..)! simple language, bollywood storyline coupled by crass kollywood PJs, thats CB for you.. i ve read all of his books! they are hilarious man.. you dont get tired of watching the jeppiar video tagged in ur blog right! same with him.. :D :D

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    chetan 'sellout' bhagat has too many fans :P