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The Women's reservation bill has been in the news lately, and it has spurred a series of articles, debates and discussions. In principle I am against any sort of reservation, be it for women in parliament or for the backward classes/communities in educational institutions. A reservation is basically a compromise on merit, although I doubt merit has any relevance in the context of politics. Then again women constitute almost 50% of our population (more like 45% thanks to female infanticide and foeticide which has skewed our sex ratio), and their representation in parliament is woefully inadequate. Therefore we must either remove the social prejudices and cultural perceptions about the role of women in politics, and help them overcome their challenges or introduce something like the women's reservation bill. It is not surprising that our politicians have chosen the latter, in accordance with our highest democratic traditions of taking the easy way out.

On a lighter note, the passing of this bill could possibly set a precedent that might pave the way for an efficient and corruption free government.Those in favor of the bill contend that there are too few women in parliament and their numbers ought to be increased. Fair enough. However, applying the same logic, there aren't too many politicians who are well educated. Don't the educated citizens of our country deserve adequate representation? Going by the number of tainted ministers, it is evident that the honest hardworking millions of our nation too are not adequately represented. Shouldn't there be a quota for honest and educated people as well? Considering the fact that the youth constitute nearly 65% of the population, don't they deserve a far greater representation in parliament? In my informed opinion, if we concentrate on providing adequate representation to young, honest and educated people in parliament, that would automatically take care of the gender divide and in all probability skew the ratio in favor of the fairer sex!

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    we have talked about this earlier and I think you are right on target. More young people - and more of those who support the young - should be in the parliament.

    And until intrinsically better times come along, I am in favour of the Women's Bill!

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    and "fundastic" indeed!

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    My dear Mallu Lampoon aka Moxu aka the forever dude ,

    Congratulations over the new blog !
    I had written a very very long (&nice)comment longer than your post last afternoon, right after I saw your mail. But the minute I pressed the 'post comment' button (Forget my english, it has gone to the dogs) my server beautifully helped the inet to disconnect. Your luck:D
    I shall try to give the gist of what I wrote:-
    The thing is Paliath, I agree with the fact that we need educated pple in the Parliament. The current Cabinet has fourteen Ivy League Grads (!) and most of them are PG's and there are arnd ten M.Phils. But it is for us to wait and watch the benefit we reap out of their services. The problem is Power. A commoner talks abt Honesty and Clean Black money free politics but when the same commoner goes on to become a first rate experienced hand at politics, by which I mean stationed himself with power(which could be temporary), he would only want to stabilize himself and make sure he remains in the political race for long. Power brings luxury. Once you taste the forbidden fruit, which also happens to be delicious, you would only want more of it. When you desperately want the more of something, the other morale factors that previously appealed to you gets clouded. And when that happens honesty goes to the bin. And you will be convinced by the fact that when you want to ve something, you have to give up something on the other side too. So in front of imported Show room Cars,Huge Bungalows and a lifetime of luxury(plus family security) the mind bifurcates and clear crystal clean policy is dead ,right then.With great power not just comes great responsibility. But also fickle mindedness and the the kind of responsibility to proliferate swiss bank / scott bank/ other outside india bank accounts. Atleast this is what is my opinion. And no, I am not against educated parliamentarians. I am just stressing on the fact that anyone can be involved in a scam.The '90's educated Defence minister VP Singh (Who also went on to become PM) is said was majorly involved in Bofors oozhal and the uneducated Rabri Devi in the 500 crore fodder scam . What makes the difference? The day when one understands that with power one becomes the slave and not the master, there will be dawn.
    Have I digressed?
    And as far Women's Bill, I ve a lot more to say but not in a mood now.
    Hope you blog regularly.
    P.S:- I wish you could co-author my political blog. refer
    Let me know:) I ll soon talk to you abt it too:)

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    and Govind, I loved (lurrrrrrved, to use a fashionable spelling elongation. lol) your profile description. And although I do not totally believe that you cannot write or read Malayalam (I mean it is just an impulse), I am glad to say that you are not the first quintessential Mallu it has been my privilege to know :-)


  5. @Srini: Lol . . .Im glad you like it. And I really can't read or write malayalam!:)
    An the more mallus you know the merrier :P
    @Arcy:Your comment is longer than my post! Next time let me know beforehand and il put it up as a guest post :)
    An yeah Id love to co author.:D
    But you know how lazy I am. Don't expect regular contributions :P

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    Dude, I know. Apologies for the long comment. I go crazy when I start reaading/ writing abt Politics/physics:P

    Thou art an escapist :P