The Numbers Game

ZERO: The average IQ of the SONY SET MAX Extra Innings team.

1:No of people who read my blog regularly.(Including me, that is!)

3:No of times Dhoni uses the words obviously/of course in a sentence.

13:Total No of people who watched the santosh trophy final.

75:Amount in lakhs spent by VIT management to be ranked 10th best engg college in India, ahead of all the NIT's

364: Duration, in days, of summer in chennai

1000:The ave no of times Ranjith Fernando said 'DLF Maximum'/"City moment of success" per match in the IPL.

10000:Amount in crores, spent by IIPM on ads!(Ponytail man thinks IIPM is better than IIM!)

1 Million:Amount,in $, spent by Harsha Bhogle on his new hairdo!

10 Million: No of golti students pursuing B.E in IIT's, NIT's and US universities
1 billion: India's population in the recent past

13 trillion:US national debt, in $

Zillion: TAX FREE PROFIT, IN $, made by 'commissioner' Lalit Modi, thanks to the IPL!

Googol: India's population in the not so distant future.

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  1. Anonymous #

    1) How darrre you say that!??? when me is around??? (lol).

    Zero: Bang on target. That's exactly what would happen if you try to import Zoom onto cricket. And oh yes Danny Morrison is cricketer but seems to have no IQ either.

    Enjoyed this. And Ranjit Fernando??? Oh, I lurrrve him: such a fluent Sri Lankan voice;) Once used to mimick him. Cheers Govind. Keep posting!

  2. Anonymous #

    Lovely post Moxu Paliath !
    You ve offended my sentiments. I ve been religiously regular !

    LOL over VIT. My friend is in there and she says its one of the most dumbest cols in India.

    And IIPM Arindham. I was always convinced he was mental. I confirmed it after reading his blog. I double confirmed after the bombastic four page ad in the times of india.

    Googol-reminds of 'The Namesake' By Jhumpa Lahiri. The protoganist was Googol;0

    Nice one:)

  3. Anonymous #

    Oh, the previous comment was by me, that is, Arc :)

  4. @Srini:Thanks. And no offence meant. As you can see the stats aint exactly accurate :P
    @Arc: Of course. Who else will have a name like dis?:p
    Im glad you liked it! And maybe you shud dare to think beyond the IIM's! Rotfl!:D

  5. Anonymous #

    1... Not anymore... Now that I'm here, make that 2 :)

    Seriously Funny (Whaaat an oxymoron) :)

    Good one... Keep writing :)


  6. That was an interesting game, alright! And seems like you're doing your bit to combat laziness. 3 posts in 2 weeks! Hey, I'm inspired...:)

  7. @Miss kido: Thanks :)
    Using big words like oxymoron an al!very impressive :P
    @Mahi:Hehe, lets hope I can keep it up. :)

  8. 364: Duration, in days, of summer in chennai

    1000:The ave no of times Ranjith Fernando said 'DLF Maximum'/"City moment of success" per match in the IPL.

    i liked these two very much, I have written in detail about The Dlf mixiemam and how gandhi thatha is smiling at IPl marketing in my blog

  9. @Venky:Nice to hear tat. Do visit again. And il check em out!

  10. keep up the good work dear..nice posts..

  11. @Nishal:Thanks a lot!Glad that you dropped in :)

  12. A month ago i even saw his blog being advertised in paper. "While the whole world is under recession, in IIPM we are discussing ways to tackle it"......

  13. i just cant stop reading this blog.. fuck i have to quiz to organize(no, not conduct).. this blog is too cool.. pls do sms me, everytime u update it..

  14. @Hantan:IQL terror!Will do . . .cept that I hardly update this blog!:)